Midnight Gypsy Alchemy  - Natural Perfume Apothecary for the Enchanted Spirit & Gypsy Soul
Closed for Holiday Vacation

MGA will be closed December 13th thru December 26th for holiday vacation .All orders placed before then will continue to be processed and shipped out by the end of the week.
This  website will remain open for browsing 
but orders will not be processed until I return on the 26th .

E-mails will still continue to be answered during this time but response time will be a bit longer as I will have limited access to internet service.  Thank you so much, looking forward to returning refreshed and full of new inspiration. :) 
Gypsy Blessings*) ~Nina.


Inspired by the art of ancient alchemy, botanical perfumery and my Spanish Gypsy heritage, I offer natural artisan perfume oils and apothecaries.  Unique scented products created to capture a time and place where the beauty of nature and elegance mingle with a sense of magick, carried upon soft moonlit wings .

 Handmade, imaginative offerings that give refuge the kindred gypsy like soul in search of the uncommon.


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