Midnight Gypsy Alchemy  - Natural Perfume Apothecary for the Enchanted Spirit & Gypsy Soul
 Hello, Welcome to Midnight Gypsy Alchemy!
My name is Nina, I create natural perfumes and scented apothecary products that invoke a sense of ancient alchemy and gypsy lore, all meant to capture a time and place where natural beauty and elegance mingle with the curious mysteries of magick and the arcane. A shop where all those who seek the uncommon in scents may find their journeys end here, guided by the gypsy in all of us.

Each scent creation is designed and inspired by old world ways of hand grinding herbs and macerating fruits  in a mortar and pestle and setting oils in a window to infuse by sunlight in old apothecary jars...making sure to be blessed with a sense of magick by the hands that made them.

This is my small, one woman ran business where all products and scents are made in my home based apothecary studio located in Roanoke, Virginia “The Star City” which is quaintly nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains . I am a perfumer, a dreamer, a lover of old homes and history, a star gazer, a self taught pianist ,an herb crazy, modern witch alchemist who finds fascination in the unknown and supernatural …and a wanna be interior designer/gardener. I live in an old Victorian style home built-in 1908; I am also a mother of 2 and wife to a wonderful and supportive husband whom I have been with since our days in junior high.
I come from a large Hispanic family and our roots go back to Spanish Gypsy decent. We were the Flamenco musicians and street vendors from Spain who came to the US in the 20′s and along with them brought their old ways in the practice of herbal medicine. My family has a very strong belief in natural and spiritual healing not to mention superstitious and deep rooted into Spanish folklore. They used what they had and could find to take care of any ailments on their own by the use of herbal teas and salves. This practice was passed down from generation to generation and I am proud to have learned the art of brewing herbal teas and making oil infusions from my mother and grandmother. With that, I incorporated it into my perfume oil infusions changing a few aspects to perfect my recipes. I learn and create by instinct and by what moves me; all the while teaching myself the magick and alchemy that is natural perfume making.
Natural perfume is very different from perfume made with fragrances or synthetic oils. Scents will be different on each individual’s skin because the scent evolves over time with body chemistry and tends to fade into your body gently and gradually. So in wearing natural perfume you simply need an occasional top-up sometime during your day or evening to maintain your unique aromatic signature. So very different is natural from commercial perfumes because each recipe is so very unique and mysterious in its evolution of scent. There truly is an essence of nature and energy to be discovered when wearing natural perfume; they are not just cloned notes and never one dimensional.

Every product and perfume oil offered is created in small batches by hand using only quality pure essential oils and naturally derived aromatic and botanical substances  I can find to create my natural perfumes. These are grown and wild crafted either by myself or from reputable organic suppliers. All is carefully and lovingly packaged in hand made card labels and wrapped in recycled gift bags adorned with feathers, black satin ribbons and small stone accents This is a labor of love that I so very much enjoy doing for my customers so that they too can enjoy a touch of alchemy and gypsy magick.
It was wonderful to have you stop by !

**Gypsy Blessings**
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