Midnight Gypsy Alchemy  - Natural Perfume Apothecary for the Enchanted Spirit & Gypsy Soul
Perfume Body Creme

Perfume Body crème is an alchemic  mixture of pure cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, grape seed oil and vitamin e.  It is created to moisturize and soothe dry skin while uplifting your spirit with its magic aroma. in your choice of perfume scent . Perfect to apply along with its matching perfume oils and solids offered in the shop for extra enjoyment of scent layering.

Body Crème comes in a 4.oz Amber jar.

Perfume Body Creme
Price: $13.95
Scent Selection:
Choose from  the  scents  offered below

Earth & Wild Roots         En Suenos        

     Flamenco       Gold Alchemy        Into the Woods 
 Midnight Alchemy    Moth Wings    Oscuro Verde
Ouroboros    Pavo Real       Raven Spells    Sangre Salvaje 

    Winter Gypsy