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Perfume Oils 
This is a natural handcrafted perfume oil creation offered in a concentrate formula and is made made by way of oil infusion which is the blending of herbs,plants, fruits, teas, resins, extracts, essential oils, CO2's and absolutes in organic grapeseed oil. It is  filled in a 1/2 oz rectangular bottle with a small sprinkler opening to dab on to ones fingertip and apply  and is packaged and enclosed in a black gift box for safe storage . 
As with all natural perfume it is recommended to store away from heat and light . This perfume design is also perfect for those who wish to add a few drops to the bath or for home fragrance .
Also with this oil being close to it's purest form  and hand filtered there may be small particles from the teas, fruits and herbs used for infusion that are left behind and will settle in the bottle . This is normal and must be expected when purchasing this hand made perfume infusion.
Choose from 32  scents  offered below

 Into the Woods    La Fortuna   La Lechuza            La Mariposa      Luna Boheme      
Mandrake Garden        Moth Wings    
  Sangre Salvaje      The Evening Stars    
   The Reading of Leaves      The  Owl Moon          Winter Gypsy  
Natural Perfume Oil Bottle
1/2 fl.oz.
Price: $21.95
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