Midnight Gypsy Alchemy  - Natural Perfume Apothecary for the Enchanted Spirit & Gypsy Soul

Seasonal perfume  creations from the apothecary of Midnight Gypsy Alchemy just in time for Valentines!
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Valentine Sample Perfume Vial  Box  Set
Give a gift of scented alchemy to someone special or treat yourself for Valentine's with a gift set of select perfume sample oils that capture a sense of magic and romance . Included in this set are
"Love Alchemy""Mi Corazon" & "Darkness Divine" 
This is a set of three 1/32 oz sample glass vials filled with my natural creation of perfume oils, made by way of oil infusion which is the blending of herbs, fruits,resins,extracts and absolutes in quality oils of grape seed, jojoba
 and vegetable oil.
This set comes packaged in a elegant 2x3 inch black box with a description of each of your scents printed on hand made card labels .


Valentine Perfume Sample Box Set
set of 3 seasonal perfume oil samples in gift box
Price: $13.95